GALA – BCM Autumn Meet

Venue: Wigan Life Centre, College Avenue, Wigan  WN1 1NJ

Saturday 1st October – AFTERNOON ONLY : Warm Up 1.30pm with an estimated finish at 7:00PM

Sunday 2nd October 2 : Warm Up 8.30 am

This year the meet has been heavily oversubscribed. The sessions were too long, as well as there being expected to be too many swimmers on poolside at any one time. Due to this BCM have had to reject some entries from the meet. Please accept their sincere apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment caused to swimmers & clubs.

If any swimmers are left with just 1 swim in a given session, and they feel it is not enough for them to now attend that session of the meet, BCM will grant a refund to that swimmer if they choose to withdraw – please let ORCA know as soon as possible.

All rejected entries will be refunded. Details will be provided by email from the club at a later date.