Social Distancing

Please could we ask.

Please direct the swimmers to the cafe and parents / guardians should move to the spectator area or leave the building.

Please wear a mask whilst in the building .

Please ask the swimmers to get changed in 5 mins maximum.

Please wait for the swimmers outside if you can and not congregate in the building entrance/exit.

Training Update

We have now completed a full week of training – big thanks to all of the swimmers and parents/guardians for helping making it a success.

We hope all of the swimmers enjoyed the swimming.

We will continue next week with the current limitations of ‘one session per swimmer’ and we will review the progress through the week to see whether we can start to expand to the 2 or 3 session groups. This is for a number of reasons; mainly to make sure the systems in place are safe to build upon and some swimmers returning from Holiday that will increase the numbers next week.

Please could we remind you :-

Arrive Swim Ready, 10 mins before your agreed session. Enter when asked and go to the cafe area to be checked in. Spectators, maximum one, can then either go to the viewing area or leave after checking in. We need to ensure all swimmers can get to be checked in and try to free up space in the cafe so if non-swimmers can check in and leave that area to assist with safe separation.

A reminder to swimmers to maintain safe distancing in and around the pool, especially at lane ends.

Please get changed quickly, we recommend towel dry and put loose clothing on and try to leave within 5 minutes.

See you all next week at training.

Return to Swimming – Handy Tip #5

Final “Return to Swimming Tip”

If you want to remember the smell of chlorine, the high temperatures in the viewing area and the uncomfortable seats – then you are welcome to stay.

Please – Only come to sessions you have the agreement to attend. Remember to bring the swimmer;- pool ready and with correctly marked training aids / drinks.

Please – Only one Parent / Guardian to stay.

Please – Follow the OCL directions set out at the Leisure Centre and of course respect the social distancing rules.

Of course, if you prefer not to stay, that will be fine, but please be back in good time to pick up when the session finishes.

We will be checking that we have your contact details on arrival, this is both in case we need to get hold of you and for the records of any CV-19 reported issues in the session reported afterwards.

Return to Swimming – Handy Tip #4

If you have an agreed swim slot, please remember to arrive 10 minutes before the session starts, and arrive Swim ready.

Swimming Costumes under clothing that can be removed poolside, with your own training aids and drink bottles.

Please make sure all training aids and bottles are clearly marked with the swimmers name.

Please do not come if you have not replied to an agreed training session.

Return to Swimming – Handy Tip #3

Two things that are important in the return to swimming.

First : Make sure you have a session confirmed with the coaching team. All swimmers should have had an email offering a swim session and it’s important for you to accept by replying as soon as you can.

If you have not received an email, please contact us. You will not be admitted into the building if you are not on the list for the agreed session.

Second : If you have any health concerns, or been in contact with anybody with concerns, please do not come swimming.

Return to Swimming – Handy Tip #1

Its been a while since the last swim training session, and some children grow quick.

Handy Tip # 1 – dig out your old swimming costumes and make sure they still fit before you return to training – you dont want to look out of place by the pool.

See you all poolside soon.

Allocation of Swimming Sessions

I hope the swimmers are all excited about coming back to training. You should have had contact from the Coaching team about the session you are invited to by now, it is important to respond as soon as possible.

You should also have received a letter about Monthly Fees – if you could please action that as soon as possible.

I am sure you will be happy to be back !

See you all soon.

Any concerns – please contact us through the Ask ORCA page.