Calendar 2023

The ORCA Calendar has been updated with the events we know of as today – now including the BCM Galas (Open League and Team Sprint)

Where the Gala is at home it will replace the Training session on that day – if the Gala is away and falling on a training day, the plan would be to continue with the training session in parallel.

The Calendar also includes what we know about ATS Galas where we know of them, but these will not be run by ORCA.

This will be updated when dates are confirmed for galas as they are announced.

End of year holiday

Saturday 17th December is our Christmas club champs starting at 2:15. There will be no training that day so please come only if you entered the event.

First event is the Christmas jumper parade, please be pool ready but wearing your best Christmas outfit (jumper, hat or something else). Warm up will start just after that.

That will be our last training session of the year, and with the bank holiday on Monday 2nd January we will be reopening on Thursday 5th January 2023.

Membership Renewal help

If any of our members would like to discuss membership renewals, the changes to National plan, how the Swim England membership works or general discussions on training and galas – we will be running for a couple of membership workshops at club sessions through the remaining training sessions this year.

Please come along to the cafe area at 3:45 to 4:15 Saturday 10 December if you have any questions.


All entries for the BOBSC Gala have been accepted for Saturday 10th December at Ponds Forge.


Spectators will be seated on the right hand side of the balcony (Omega Suite side) and will not be permitted into the swimmer seating area.  

Spectator tickets are being sold online rather than on the door, and can be purchased via the link below.