BCM Junior League

For some of you – you may remember Central Lancs league club competitions that were interrupted in 2020 just as we started the galas.

A lot has changed, and Central Lancs SWPA no longer exists, but a new affiliation has been set up BCM SWPA and some of the old competitions survive – with some new competition formats.

For 2022 – ORCA have entered three competitions – details are starting to develop for one of these – BCM Junior League (Based on the previous Central Lancs Junior Jubilee)

Details are on the following web page. We have some interesting competitions coming up – this one is a set of 1:1 competitions with another club and we will be hosting three Home Galas – Chadderton, Oldham Seals, Radcliffe and going to three Away Galas – Ashton, Bury and Ramsbottom.

BCM Junior League – ORCA Swimming Club

ORCA will appoint a Team Manager to run this league, the Team Manager will select his team from club members and he will invite swimmers to join the league.

If you are not selected – there are two other leagues to be announced soon.