Swim England : Covid-19 Guidance

We will advise you of the sessions you can attend. Please only attend sessions you have agreed with the coach.
Arrive no more than 10 minutes before session start.
Swimmers should arrive ready to swim, minimise use of Changing Rooms.
Protocols will be in place for safe arrival, preparation and pool entry and changeovers
Land Training can be carries out AT HOME
When Leaving, there will be no showers, and please do a quick change and leave as soon as possible
Respect the rules and guides set out by OCL in the facility

Use your own equipment – Floats, Pull-Buoys or Fins should not be shared and there will be no ORCA or OCL equipment to be used..
Please also arrive with a Drink Bottle, clearly marked with the Swimmers Name !
Respect others in the pool. Certain strokes will be restricted, Distancing measures will be introduced.
No overtaking
No gathering at the end of the pool
Follow the instructions of the Coach(s) at all times
Respect the other swimmers and coaching staff at all times
OCL shall have policies and safeguard measures in place
Please follow all instructions set out in the facility
Only one parent or guardian to stay with the swimmer, please respect social distance rules in the viewing area and open areas
Please consider drop-off and collect where possible
Swimming Pools are clean, and the water is filtered and treated with UV light
Please follow public health guidelines outside of the pool

If you have any concerns, please highlight them to a member of the coaching team or committee as soon as you can.

Lets all stay safe together.