ORCA Christmas Club Champs – 2023

ORCA are pleased to announce ORCA Christmas Club Championships 2023

The ORCA Christmas Club Champs 2023 will be held on Saturday 16th December – Starting at 2:15 PM.

Swimmers entering should plan to be ready to be poolside for a prompt start at 2:15 PM for Warm up and the Gala.

Under 9y swimmers should enter the 25M events and if confident can enter the 50M events.

9y and older swimmers should enter the 50M events, and if confident can enter the 100M events.

There will be no training on the day; as it is assumed that all swimmers will take part – All swimmers are encouraged to join no matter what training day they usually attend.

Swimmers who do one session per week on a Saturday can take up another session on a Monday or Thursday if they chose.

There will be a charge of £5.00 to enter the gala – whether you enter one or all of the events. This is to cover additional pool hire, prizes on the day and presentation night expenses.

Please complete this entry form below and make payment of £5 per seimmer by bank transfer to the club and clearly identify the swimmers name and “CC” on the payment reference.

Conditions :

For any Swimmers that we do not have permission to use their name – these will be listed but their names will be concealed by using the first two initials of Surname and Family name only. If you wish to have the information removed, please request this through the AskORCA link on the website.

Age Groups
The Age Groups will be the swimmers age as of 16th December 2023.

Royton Leisure Centre pool – WE WILL BE USING A CERTIFIED ELECTRONIC TIMING SYSTEM (Colorado Dolphin) for the Gala – this does not use boards in the water.


Entries shall be accepted from correct entries received by 5:00PM on Saturday 9th December 2023.


Spectator Gallery will be open to spectators and there will be no charge to come support the swimmers compete.

The Competition
Over the top starts are be in operation from the deep end of the pool.
The heats shall be conducted in Age / Sex order.

If the swimmer has no entry time (based on latest Swim England swim times, the c;ub will estimate an entry time for the event.

Presentation of awards will be at the next ORCA presentation evening.

Data Protection
Meet entries shall be managed on a computer. Your consent to the holding of personal information for the purposes of the Meet shall be treated as being given by the submission of your entries. Data containing the swimmers name shall only be published on the website following your consent using the link above – otherwise the swimmers names shall be “initialised”.

Consideration Times
No upper of lower limit – or need for any previous times. No need for Previous timings to be submitted.

No photography is permitted in the pool hall by any device including mobile phones.

Starts and technical infringements

Starts can be from Blocks, side of blocks or within the pool holding the wall – whichever the swimmer is most comfortable.

We do not plan to disqualify for technical infringements (stroke etc.) but the coaches will use this in Training sessions