Monthly Fees

Please ensure that you have set up your Monthly Fees.

Nat West  SORT CODE 01-00-39 ACCOUNT NUMBER 12102385


  • £18.50  National Plan
  • £22         Bronze – 1 Session Per Week.
  • £25         Silver – 2 Sessions Per Week.
  • £33         Gold – 3 Sessions Per Week.
  • £12.50 ATS – Occasional Swim up to 1 Session Per Week Maximum.


We are happy to announce that we can now allow swimmers to attend up to 3x sessions per week.

If you would like to increase the number of sessions, please contact Charlotte at

Those going from 1x session to 2x please increase your monthly payment to £25.

Those going from 2x sessions to 3x please increase your monthly payment to £33

The benefits of more sessions per week are that:

It gives you chance to work on your technique and skills

It builds up your stamina and fitness
It allows you to increase your speed over time!

🏅Let’s get Our ORCA Going for Gold!🏅

No Photos or Video

Please could we remind parents, guardians and other spectators; The taking photographs of, or the video recording of, any swimmers (including your own children) on any media including mobile phones is not allowed during ORCA training sessions. This is in line with Swim England’s safeguarding policy for the protection of the children in the group.

Oldham Wakes (Virtual) Gala

Let’s get back to racing again – the Oldham Wakes Gala 2021!

We would like to celebrate the national reopening from June 21st by running a virtual gala during our club training sessions. We will be competing virtually against Chadderton ASC and Oldham Seals ASC. We are calling it the “Oldham Wakes Gala” to commemorate the famous holidays we used to enjoy in June.

This will be a great chance for our swimmers to rediscover the thrill of swimming fast, and for younger swimmers to practice competitive swimming without the pressure of a real gala.

The Gala will be held within the normal training sessions, swimmers should just come to their normal allocated sessions. All swimmers will be given the opportunity to compete in all events, which will be 4 individual races as well as relays. Oldham and Chadderton won’t be physically there, but we’ll record everyone’s times and put them onto a spreadsheet that is shared with the other teams, and they will do the same. 

After 2-3 weeks, all swimmers should have had a chance to submit a time for each event – and the 2 fastest times in each race will score points in the Virtual Gala.

There will be 5 age groups – under 10s, 11-12s, 13-14s, 15-16s and over 16s. Each age group will score a points total as well as an overall score for the whole club. Age will be taken as the swimmers age on 31 December 2021.

Not ALL sessions will be run like this – after the first week of races we may want to have a normal week of training to keep up our fitness levels and practice some race skills, but we are planning to give all clubs a 3 week window to submit as many times for the events as possible so we can generate a good points total and make the event competitive.

ORCA, Chadderton and Oldham are all very similar local clubs run in a very similar way so the points should be close. The object of the event is one of friendly competition with emphasis on friendly. If we win an age group then that’s obviously brilliant, but we want to help our swimmers get back to enjoying swimming fast, so we will not be putting too much pressure on any of the swimmers at all.

It would be a good idea if swimmers brought a spare towel so they can stay dry and warm between swims and also a drink in a plastic sports bottle to stay hydrated. If you have any thoughts on this then do feel free to chat to any of the coaches at club or contact us about it. We want our swimmers to really enjoy this and also to give them something to aim for and a benchmark for their own performance.

We will be able to publish the swimmers times on our website – but to do this we need your permission to use the swimmers names (otherwise we will publish it anonymously and you can ask us to identify the entry personally). If you would like the times achieved in Swim Galas to be published on the website, please complete the following form to give your permission for your personal data to be used.