ProSwimwear Affiliation

ORCA are pleased to announce we now have an affiliate link to ProSwimwear.

Shopping at ProSwimwear through the link / image on the ProSwimwear page of our website will help raise funds for ORCA Swimming Club.

5% of the value of any orders taken by using the link below will be returned to the club, where the club can then use those funds for training, coaching and activities for the swimmers and members of the club.

There are no additional costs passed to you by shopping through this link – ProSwimwear will fund ORCA quarterly with 5% of any sales taken through using this link – so please pass on to others to use !

Bolton Metro Gala

This weekend is the first “Real” gala for ORCA in 18 months – and a welcome return to competitive swimming. Its just a shame we ended up with a number of rejections due to the change in entry criteria – and also that the spectator element of the gala has been stopped.

For those that are going – we wish you all of the best for smashing any previous Personal Best times !

For anyone new to swimming competitions, the older swimmers will help and advise and we have three experienced coaches to help you all find your way around – enjoy it.

For those that were rejected, we will work on something else for the whole club and news on this will come out soon.

Some guidance for those attending

Morning : Arrive between 7:30 to 7:40 (latest) and a member of the team will meet you outside. Warm up is at 7:50am for those in the morning session and the competition will run from 9:00 to about 12:30

Afternoon : They have not declared the warm up times for the afternoon , the session is due to start at 2:00 PM so would not expect warm up to start much later than 12:50. If you are in the afternoon session only I would suggest arriving no later than 12:30. The session should run no later than 6:00PM

For the swimmers, please take :

Your ORCA Hat : two if you have them.

Please wear an ORCA T shirt – so we can spot you more easily – if you have one otherwise a black T shirt if you can.

Goggles – of course – tip for the swimmers; if they dive in and the goggles come off – dont stop – just keep swimming!

Two (or even three) towels – one for drying off and one for wrapping around you whilst waiting – (three just in case one gets soaked ?)

Swimming gear – skins are allowed on events (if you have them) otherwise normal training gear. Possibly 2 sets so you can dry off for the afternoon session. Arrive “beach ready” to avoid masses of people in the changing rooms !

Face Mask – preferable one you wont worry about if you lose it.

Flat Shoes that slip on (Sliders / Flip Flops).

Food – healthy snacks – and of course plenty of drinks (suggest 2 of the sports bottles – one for each session)

The Gala is at : The Jason Kenny Centre, Bolton One, Moor Lane, Bolton, BL3 5BN

Parking at : NCP Car Park, BL3 5DX – its about 7 mins walk from there to the sport centre.

In a couple of days time – the results will be logged on the Swim England website, for those that are new – this can be found here :

The coaches will post on Facebook as often as they can to keep you up to date with progress.

Good luck to all those going – do your best and enjoy the gala.

Changes to Monthly Fees

As of 1st September

                National Plan will move to a 1 Hour session at a cost of £22.00 per month

As of 1st October 2021

ATS Fees will be increasing from £12.50 to £15.00 per month.

Bronze Fees will increase from £22.00 to £24.00 per month

Silver Fees will increase from £25.00 to £28.00 per month

Gold Fees will remain unchanged from 2019 prices at £33.00 per month

Please could members look to amend their Standing orders from 1st October 2021 in line with the amended monthly fees.

Details of Membership and fees are detailed on the Membership section of the website.

Bank Holiday

There will be no training on Monday 30th August – the Leisure Centre is closed for the Bank Holiday.

Relax and chill in the nice weather…

Change to National Plan Sessions

Following feedback from the Parents / Guardians of National Plan swimmers, we have made some changes to the Swim Training programme effective from 1 September 2021.

The National Plan sessions will now be a “up to” 1 hour session to allow the swimmers to develop their core strength and better transition into Group 1 training. National Plan sessions will now be running on Saturday’s at 3:15.

We hope this gives the swimmers a more beneficial route into Group 1 training, the coaching team will help transition swimmers into the full hour over the coming months. Where the younger swimmers are not able to swim effectively for the full hour, their swim training will be tailored to suit their needs.

We would appreciate it if the Parents/Guardians of the swimmers could stay at the club during these sessions so that we do not have children waiting to be picked up unattended.

As a result, we have also amended the monthly fees to reflect the 1 hour of pool time, the monthly fee for National will increase from £18.50 to £22.00 per month. Please could we request Parents/Guardians to amend their Standing Orders for September onwards.

The updated swimming session details are detailed on the following page :