Current Membership runs from January 2022 to December 2022.

Membership forms are now online form available here :

Membership 2022 – ORCA Swimming Club

When completed, the ORCA Membership Form 2022 should be submitted electronically. Payments by cheque should be posted in an envelope (with the swimmers name) in the ORCA post box which is located near the club noticeboard at the rear of the pool viewing gallery. Please do not hand in to coaching staff or poolside volunteers !

It would help greatly if payment is made by bank transfer / Standing order between the 1st and 5th of each month. Please record the date that you have paid and the references used should be the swimmers name(s).

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEES – 2021 (unchanged from 2020)

Club membership fees 2022 :

· Category 1 : £43.

· Category 2 : £61.

If you pay your Swim England (ASA Number) fees through another club, then the ORCA membership fee on its own is £26


  • £22   National Plan – 1 Hour Session on Saturdays only
  • £24         1 Session Per Week.
  • £28         2 Sessions Per Week.
  • £33         3 Sessions Per Week.
  • £15 Advance Trainers – Up to 1 Session Per Week Maximum – Saturday or Monday only.