GALA – BMSS Come Back Meet 2021

BMSS “Come Back Meet” on Sunday 26th September 2021

To be held at;- The Jason Kenny Centre, Bolton One, Moor Lane, Bolton, BL3 5BN

Please complete all parts of the entry form and place in the Orca Post Box on the Spectators Gallery or pass to Karen Burston.

Please ensure that you have entered times for all the events your child is swimming. If you are unsure of entry times please speak to your coach.

This gala is open to all Cat 1 & Cat 2 swimmers.

Closing date for all entries will be to ORCA is Thursday  5th August 2021

Ages are on day as at 26th September 2021

Entries; £7.00 for 50/100/200 races and £12.00 for relays, per team entered

Relays will be decided on and entered by the Head Coach On the day if there are enough swimmers. Please do not enter relays on the entry form.

No late entries will be accepted as this meet is 1st come 1st served.

Cheques payable to ORCA S.C – Not as detailed on the form

*We will require a COMPULSORY extra £1.00 on top of the total entry fee to pay for the cost of coach passes and poolside staff that supervise and care for the swimmers poolside.