Committee 2022

ORCA is run by a number of volunteers that give up a little of their time to help run the swimming club. As a “not for profit” organization, and to be able to run as a club through Swim England, we need a to have an effective committee in place for 2022.

The election of committee members is an annual event that happens in the Annual General Meeting in November each year. Along with new members volunteering to help the club we also have people stepping down in their roles after many years supporting the club.

If you have a little free time, we would welcome any help you could provide, either in general committee roles or as part of the core committee.

There is an Election of Committee form on the noticeboard in the viewing area. If you feel that you could help the club in supporting one of the roles, please could you add your name to the form – or ask one of the committee for help or details of what the role would entail.

Without a committee – we can not run the club effectively and some roles are essential for the club to function.

Please, if you could. consider help shaping the future of ORCA.