Change to National Plan Sessions

Following feedback from the Parents / Guardians of National Plan swimmers, we have made some changes to the Swim Training programme effective from 1 September 2021.

The National Plan sessions will now be a “up to” 1 hour session to allow the swimmers to develop their core strength and better transition into Group 1 training. National Plan sessions will now be running on Saturday’s at 3:15.

We hope this gives the swimmers a more beneficial route into Group 1 training, the coaching team will help transition swimmers into the full hour over the coming months. Where the younger swimmers are not able to swim effectively for the full hour, their swim training will be tailored to suit their needs.

We would appreciate it if the Parents/Guardians of the swimmers could stay at the club during these sessions so that we do not have children waiting to be picked up unattended.

As a result, we have also amended the monthly fees to reflect the 1 hour of pool time, the monthly fee for National will increase from £18.50 to £22.00 per month. Please could we request Parents/Guardians to amend their Standing Orders for September onwards.

The updated swimming session details are detailed on the following page :