First Gala for 2021

We would encourage any swimmers that are 9 years old or over on the 26th September to join this 1 day competition.

We are looking to get entries in as soon as possible to secure places – it is first come basis and could get oversubscribed very quickly.

If anyone needs help, advice or information please contact us :

Information and entry forms on the following page, payment by Cheque and remember there is a £1 per entry surcharge to contribute to the cost of passes for the ORCA poolside support.

Lockdown Changes

Following the government announcement of the Easing of Lockdown measures, ORCA are pleased to announce the following.

OCL will be removing all restrictions from the Leisure Centre access and Pool Capacity. These limitations will be removed from Monday 19th July onwards.

What this means for us :

You can once again use the changing rooms as Entry and Exit to swimming – there is no need to follow a one way system and you can arrive and change before swimming.

There is no longer a requirement to book your sessions, you can now decide which sessions to attend within your Monthly Fee arrangements :

Bronze – Once per week on Monday, Thursday or Saturday

Silver – Twice per week on Monday, Thursday or Saturday

Gold – All three sessions

ATS – Once per week on a Monday or Saturday

We will take a register from poolside and not on entry – this will continue to be for the club to be able to contact you if there are any COVID reports, and to check attendance against Monthly fees.

There is no longer a 2m or mask obligation – although we do ask swimmers and spectators to be respectful and use at their own discretion.

There is no longer a restriction on the number of spectators – you are welcome to use the viewing gallery.

Although these restrictions have been eased, please remember that COVID is still with us and some children and adults may have hidden vulnerabilities. Please be respectful to others and try to keep you and others safe.


Firstly we want to thank those swimmers and parents who came to the first night of the relays last night! 😊

Unfortunately though we didn’t have enough swimmers for every age group to swim the relay 😔

Please for this week if YOU can make ANY sessions please do come along because YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU!!😁👉

Let’s all get in the GALA TEAM SPIRIT! 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️ GO ORCA!🎉