Club Secretary Report

We have been back in training for 2 months now, slowly finding our way in the new way of life. We must not get complacent in the safety and security of those around us and I would like to remind Parents, Guardians and Swimmers that we need to maintain the rules.

Swimmers to arrive “swim ready” and leave as quickly as possible after training.

Maintain social distancing.

Wear Masks when spectating and walking around the building.

It is important to follow the rules and help us all not to bring about a COVID-19 incident and cause the club, training and your own safety into difficulties.

I must at this point express my thanks to all of the training team, committee and club members who have supported the club in getting back into operation once again.

We are getting close to the time of year that we will be arranging our Annual General Meeting, we don’t quite know when or how we will be holding this, but we are making plans and will communicate these soon. The club is run by volunteers and of course we are always looking for people to come help out. If you think you have a small amount of time that you could offer and want to get involved, this would be your time to come forward and offer your support. All of the time and effort is volunteered for the benefit of the swimmers, so if you could help in the running of the club, your support would be much appreciated.