Head Coach Report

So that’s our first month of sessions under our belt and there’s been so many good things to come out of it. It’s great to see swimmers back in the pool, enjoying their swimming and being back together again, although it might still take some time to get back to the way things were. 

Can I say a huge thank you to all swimmers for their patience in adhering to the guidelines we’ve set out for their safety. You’ve all been great at following our instructions and you haven’t complained when we’ve reminded you – that’s made our job as coaches so much easier! And thank you to all the brilliant parents and committee members who have given up their time to help on the door – this club could not have managed without you.

Swimmers have already shown some gains with their fitness, but to get into good habits and turn this fitness into fast swimming, we really need to focus on strokes and technique, especially in Group 1 and National Plan. You’ll find that we’re spending quite a lot of time on this in the pool and as a result we won’t be quite swimming as many metres as we could, but please bear with us. I want us to practise good technique rather than faults because as we know, practice makes permanent.

Last week was breaststroke week. This week we’ll be looking at backstroke and the week after will be butterfly week (something to look forward to there!!).

It’s going to be a while before we have any proper competitions to enter as a club, so I’d like to organise some kind of internal event that gives the swimmers an idea of how they’re doing – it’ll give us a good baseline to judge our future progress on and give the swimmers a chance to burn off some steam in the water! But more on this hopefully in the next update. In the meantime enjoy your swimming everyone!!


Head Coach

Face Masks

With the the new rules taking effect in Oldham face masks are now compulsory for customers when visiting OCL buildings. Please be aware everyone must wear a face mask when entering all OCL buildings and wear them throughout their visit.


Should wear a face mask on entering the building until you get changed and put back on as you leave.


You will now have to wear a face mask at all times in the building and when when sitting on the balcony.

August Bank Holiday

There will be no swim training on Monday 31st August due to the pool being closed for the Bank Holiday.

All other sessions will be running as usual.

Training Update

Training has resumed for 3 weeks now, we hope the swimmers are all enjoying being back at training.

The club is looking to start expanding the training sessions for swimmers that want more than one session per week. This will be done gradually and on a trial basis where we may need to adjust sessions as we progress.

For the simmers that are planned to swim 2-3 timer per week, we will be offering the opportunity to increase to 2 swim sessions per week over the next week or two.

Please watch out for email for communications from the coaching team – remember to keep an eye on your SPAM/JUNK folders just in case your mail server diverts the emails.

Social Distancing

Please could we ask.

Please direct the swimmers to the cafe and parents / guardians should move to the spectator area or leave the building.

Please wear a mask whilst in the building .

Please ask the swimmers to get changed in 5 mins maximum.

Please wait for the swimmers outside if you can and not congregate in the building entrance/exit.

Training Update

We have now completed a full week of training – big thanks to all of the swimmers and parents/guardians for helping making it a success.

We hope all of the swimmers enjoyed the swimming.

We will continue next week with the current limitations of ‘one session per swimmer’ and we will review the progress through the week to see whether we can start to expand to the 2 or 3 session groups. This is for a number of reasons; mainly to make sure the systems in place are safe to build upon and some swimmers returning from Holiday that will increase the numbers next week.

Please could we remind you :-

Arrive Swim Ready, 10 mins before your agreed session. Enter when asked and go to the cafe area to be checked in. Spectators, maximum one, can then either go to the viewing area or leave after checking in. We need to ensure all swimmers can get to be checked in and try to free up space in the cafe so if non-swimmers can check in and leave that area to assist with safe separation.

A reminder to swimmers to maintain safe distancing in and around the pool, especially at lane ends.

Please get changed quickly, we recommend towel dry and put loose clothing on and try to leave within 5 minutes.

See you all next week at training.